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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Closet Cleaning and an (almost) Finish

I feel as though I accomplished things today.  To start, my neighbor Deb asked if I wanted to go for a walk.  I needed more floss to finish my needle punch so we walked up to the quilt shop and back.  A great walk.  I went to her place for coffee and toast then home.  When I got home, I saw that a dear friend (and my former hairdresser) had called so I gave her a call back as we had been sort of playing phone tag since before New Years!  We had a nice chat.  At that point I considered sitting and finishing the needle punch but thought no, that will be my reward for getting some closets cleaned out.  The day before I went to put a spare pillowcase away in the hallway linen closet and it was stuffed!  So that was the first one to get done!  Some of those contents led me to our walk-in closet so I attacked that one next!  Boy did it feel good....even though they both still look full!  Almost 5 garbage bags later and a bunch of stuff for the garbage bin and I was done.  Now, the two closets in our spare bedrooms are going to be the biggest challenge, but they can wait until tomorrow....or next week.  I need some bins for those.  I should keep going since I'm on a roll!  Here's a stack out of the walk-in closet:

Then, after some lunch, I was able to sit down and finish my needle punch...well, the needle punch part anyway.  I still need to figure out how to mat/frame it. 

I really love this craft!!!!!  I think I learned quite a bit from this project and hope my next one is even better!
Hubby is home on Monday!!!!  I need to stay busy for the next couple of days and get more things done!  Maybe I will work on those closets to Walmart in the morning I guess!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Quilting Goals for 2015

I was reading another blog this morning and she talked about her quilting goals for 2015 and I thought it would be fun to think about what I would like to accomplish this year.  Then I realized it's pretty much the same goal every year for me......working on completely the one million (slight exaggeration....slight!) kits and projects that I already have!  Also, using my stash of fabrics for borders, backings, etc and try, really, really, really try not to buy anything all!  I quite often start the year off well and then need a pick-me-up or the thrill of waiting for the arrival of a squishy package in the mail and I cave!  As you can see, I have enough projects, kits and fabric to last a lifetime......

And I have already added to both this year.  But today is a new day...onward and upward!

Last post I mentioned that I had purchased two old quilts from Airdrie on my trip home from up north.  I've taken pictures, poor ones, but you can see how I couldn't leave them behind.  The first one has been hand quilted and totally amazes me.  The rows of stitches make squares of about 1 inch so there's a lot of quilting!  I can't even machine quilt a quilt let alone hand quilt one! 

The next one is a child's's long and narrow and consists of embroidered blocks.  Love and appreciate all the work that went into this one as well.

Sorry for the poor photos.  

Now I'm worried as I think I will have a new addiction.....I've been doing a lot of wool projects, instead of pieced projects and now I think I'm hooked on needle punch!!!!!!  I'm so tempted to pick it up and get "punching" this morning but I know I will sit and that's all I'll accomplish today! 
Thanks to Sue for this!!!!!! (But I guess it does fall into finishing or doing old, already purchased projects!! it's all good!!!) It's a lot of fun!

The sun is shining, it's warm outside so it's a good day!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


As I get older I find it kind of funny how when January arrives so do blog posts, advertisements, and magazine articles about organization.  Stores put bins and totes and other tools for organizing on sale.  So many articles out there on the how's and whys of being organized and clutter free.  And I do fall for it...a new year; starting off fresh.  I haven't got very far on my purging (or the exercise plans or weight loss program) but the house feels less cluttered especially once all the Christmas decor was put away.  But don't look in my closets.......

I found this printable on a blog I follow and I thought it was a neat idea.  Going through each room and listing tasks needed to be done.  For example, I have done some patching on the wall in a spare bedroom but it needs to be sanded and repainted....I never think of it until I'm in that room cleaning and once I leave the room it's forgotten.  Putting that task on this list will be a great reminder!  Looking at the list, room by room, will allow me to see, at a glance, what I need to do and what I can get done in the time I have to complete it.  Crossing something off a to-do list is very rewarding!  Here's the link to the blog.  The lists are called Walk the Room.

Today was cleaning day and I worked hard!  Feels great to have it done but there are still many things to tidy up or put away.  I'm meeting a friend for breakfast tomorrow and it will be nice to catch up, put makeup on and get out of the house!  Sue and Deb are coming over tomorrow night for stitching but this time we are working on our own individual projects.  Not sure yet what I will work on.

This mornings sunrise was beautiful:

Love the colors and a great view to wake up to!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hockey and Antiques

It's been a bit of a whirlwind few days!  The trip home with my Dad was nice....of course we had to stop at the antique place in Airdrie.  I bought two old quilts , which I haven't taken pictures of yet but I will!  I felt the need to rescue them!  Saturday we were off to Lethbridge with Daughter2 to her All-Star game.  Her team won!!  Before the game, Dad and I quickly popped into another antique place...this one was closing and had everything 25% off!  I bought a vintage Santa mug, a Santa pitcher and a child's wooden ironing board....again, no pics...sorry!  Sunday we didn't do much except brave Costco in Okotoks but we were off antiquing again on Monday...this time to Nanton.  I took a picture of my few treasures which aren't very exciting.  One of my purchases was an old cookbook.  I love the inscription inside:
The only way you could get this cookbook was with a subscription to Good Housekeeping!

Here's the the color!  I do love old cookbooks.

The heart is a baking pan, the circle is a donut cutter, I bought a beeswax candle (not antique) but they always remind me of my grandfather...who was a beekeeper and when retired, came out west to help my dad in the summers.  The fabric was in a sealed bag and I wasn't quite sure what it was....there are two pieces, hemmed..the same size.  I have them on my front door window but I don't know if they will stay there.  The fabric would make nice cushions.
Dad left this morning for a convention in Edmonton.  It was nice having him here for a few days (he helped me fix my central vac by unplugging the pipe!). He's handy to have around!  Wish he was closer....I did suggest he open an antique shop here in High River!!!!  Lord knows he has enough stuff to keep it full for a few years!!!!!!  I don't think I have him convinced!
Tomorrow is a big cleaning of the house, top to bottom.  I spent today working on my mantle decor and de-cluttering some other decor.  Slowly the place is getting back in order.

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Trip To The North's been awhile!  I guess I've been busy.

It was so great having Hubby home for such a long time over the holidays but alas, it had to end and back to work he went...on the 12th.  But he had a!!  My dad convinced me to come with Hubby and Dad would drive me back home today so we could go to Daughter2s All-Star game tomorrow in Lethbridge!  Yep, she made the south all-star team for the second year since playing in this league!!  We are so proud!
The view on the way up on Monday......beautiful blue skies and frosty trees.

My trip to my old hometown was wonderful....a quick trip so regrettably I did not get a chance to visit with everyone I would have liked to.  That doesn't mean almost every moment there wasn't spent visiting...because it was!  We arrived Monday evening so after checking in on our little house we went for supper and then to Dad's.  Tuesday, Dad took me out to meet a young gal who owns a greenhouse because apparently she really wanted to meet me after hearing about me from so many people...she almost made me feel like a celebrity....which I am NOT!  LOL!!!!!!!!!  Then we went for lunch and ended up meeting my youngest brother and one of his friends who joined us.  During lunch I received hugs from people I knew...making me feel very welcomed!  That's the thing about going back to a hometown!  You can't go anywhere without meeting someone you know!  I've adjusted to the opposite here at home but it's very nice and I realized I do kind of miss it.  Then we were onto some shops in town.  Flower shop (more hugs), new kitchen store (another nice visit with the owner), then that was the day!  Back to Dad's where my youngest brother and my sister in law came out for supper (another nice visit).  Wednesday was a GREAT long visit with my friend Kim (another big squeezy hug!!).....I met up with her at 11:30 and we yapped until 2:30-3:00!!!!!  At the end of our visit another gal we know, joined our conversation so we had a visit with her as well!  Went back to Dad's (after a quick stop at the grocery store...a couple more short visits!) then when Hubby came home, we were off to visit his aunt who broke her hip before Christmas and was in the hospital.  We had a nice visit there then out for supper.  Thursday started off with another GREAT visit with my friend wasn't supposed to be a long visit....I wanted to make it to the lunch some of our quilt guild members go to on Thursdays, but it turned out to be a long visit until I had to go and let Pam nap before working a night shift!  Then to another friends store for a GREAT visit and some shopping!!!!!!!  I used to work for Erica doing store displays and she is really trying to get me to come and do some again!  Hahaha! After my visit with Erica I was off to meet "the girls" for supper!  These gals and I used to travel down to Montana or Idaho for sewing/shopping sprees every year or
so and every Friday would have "Twist Off" (Hubby made that up!  It was more like a gab session!!)
which was supper and a drink.  Catching up with them was nice and was like I had never left!

It's good to be home and I will enjoy the sleep in our bed....Hubby is still at work but the time remaining will go quickly....once Dad heads to Edmonton for a convention on Tuesday, I have a ton of things to do!  I did finish this top before I sure is wonky!

I have so many projects I want to do, cleaning/purging to get done, etc., etc!  I need to remember to just take one step at a time............

Best get to sleep so I can cheer Daughter2 and her team on tomorrow!!!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


One of these days I will get used to how fast the weather can change down here!  Yesterday morning my friend Deb and I went for our walk.  When we started it was okay but by the time we got back you could feel the wind had picked up and was quite cold.  Well, not long after the wind really picked up and the snow arrived!!!!!  We went from a brown Christmas, to a small skiff of snow to all white!  Hubby is out doing what he loves.....snow removal on the quad!  Our street loves him!!!!!!!  Daughter2 was stuck in Edmonton yesterday (highways were horrible!) but says they show that they are good today.  I will worry until she gets home!

After my walk I spent the day putting all the Christmas/winter decorations away.  I feel like I can breathe again!  Next up, a good cleaning, but I will start that next week.

On January 1st I spent some time in my sewing room and played with one of my Squedge rulers.  I had a few pieces of border fabric intended for the table runners made with the 60 degree ruler and knew it would work with the Squedge.  Here is my creation....all finished:
Not sure where the fabric came from but I'm thinking likely on a trip to the States.  It was fun and easy to do!!

Daughter2 has a hockey game in Calgary tonight so that will be our evening entertainment!  I think we are to get a bit more snow today/tonight but not as much as we received yesterday!!!! To my friends in Hawaii (I have a few that are there right now!) you Lucky Ducks!!!!!!!!  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I wanted to write this blog post last night but wasn't in the right frame of mind nor was I alone in order to really think about my words.  The end of a year, that was basically uneventful, is always sad for me.  For some years though, like the one my Mom passed away or the year of the flood, the end is always welcome.  When they are uneventful, meaning nothing terribly bad has happened, I worry about what the new year will bring.....thinking all the good or dullness cannot last forever.  This is how I'm feeling with the start of this new year.
As I reflect on last year, the only bad was my should have been my dream job but it wasn't.  When I look deeper into what the job brought me,though, I am thankful for it as it allowed me to meet some wonderful people, one of whom has become a very good friend.  I guess I was given the job for that reason because this friend has sure help to make my life a better one.
Hubby has a new job which, while it takes him away from home, it also provides a steady income which we haven't had in a long time.  The bad is that the longer he was gone the more I felt I was falling into a depression.  Friends to the rescue!  Again, thankful they were put into my life just because I sure needed them!
Then there is family.  My kids will always mean the world to me!  I'm glad they are close by...or close enough to come for a weekend here and there or holidays and they do!  It's been a great year for that!!!!!  A person never stops being a parent regardless of how old the kids get!  I keep in touch with my dad and see him fairly often considering the distance we live apart now.  But my brothers and sister in law, not so much.  I tried really hard at first to keep in touch but then I felt like it was very much a one way street and that maybe they didn't really care how I was doing.  Sure, they are busy and my brothers are, well, guys!  I just hope they don't forget we are family.....and just because I moved away doesn't mean I left their 'world'.  I have distant relatives who used to keep in touch way more often then we do now and one cousin who has basically forgotten I exist.  Why?  I have no clue.  I have tried to keep in touch here and there but either don't get a response or get involved in a very one sided, cold conversation (if I'm lucky)  I must learn not to take it personally and figure there is
something going on in her world to cause her to feel as though it's not worth the effort....even in this day and age of texts and emails.  I guess what I'm saying is I'm still adjusting to living in a new town and feel quite alone at times.
But, this is a new year and with it must come a new attitude.  Even though family is important to me, I must decide that if extended family doesn't care to keep in touch there's nothing I can do to force it.  I must value and cherish friendships that are new and old and realize they are what is keeping me afloat while I adjust.  I must be thankful for Hubby's job and make the most of the time he is at home and make more of an effort to spend time with him when he's away, when I can.  I must focus on being creative and clearing out craft and sewing projects either by doing them or selling them so I don't feel overwhelmed when I look in my cupboards!  I must focus on my health and well being both physically and mentally and work on being the best I can be.  I hope by writing this I can follow it and really, truly try! So I'm not picking a word of the year but rather a phrase:  "Let it go"!  It has so many meanings!
I have been busy in my sewing room and we really had a fantastic wasn't stressful but relaxed, even Christmas supper, which was delicious!  We played cards and board games, watched tv and ate too much.  But everyone being home and under one roof was the best!  Here are some recent pictures of sewing projects, food and family.  Happy New Year!  Come on me whatcha got!