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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Just Not Fair

You know how there are periods in life where a whole bunch of sad things happen at once?  When nothing makes sense and you begin to think that life isn't fair?  Well, that has been the past day or two.  My son and his girlfriend lost a dear friend to cancer last night.  She was 27 years young.  My heart breaks for her parents (she was an only child), her finance and all her many friends and family.  When cancer strikes and you fight hard but are told the battle cannot be won, well, it makes no sense and does not seem one bit fair.  There were a couple of other deaths of people in my home town in the past day or two.  Much older than 27 but still such a loss just the same.  And then there is the terrorist activity and the poor young soldier shot down today....24 years young.  This happened in CANADA!  This stuff doesn't happen here!  How fragile life precious each day is.  It makes me sad, yet we should celebrate each and every day and find that "happy"!  We need to be reminded of that...even when we don't feel like being happy.....because once a day has passed, we don't get it back.  Life is too short not to find our "happy" in each and every precious day.

Sending Hubby off this week was hard.  I'm not sure why but it was.  I've kind of wasted a good part of the week away although I did mange to find some "happy".  Monday I met my friend Sue for lunch by her place of work...which is also by a quilt shop, a country decorating store, Homesense, Winners.....after lunch I did pop into the quilt shop and country decor store.  I'm glad Sue invited me for lunch...we had a nice visit and I had some retail therapy before heading home.  Today I found my "happy" in my sewing room where I made this little table topper.  

I also found out today that my friend Kim is flying down to see me in November!!!!!!!!  I pray the weather is nice!!!!!  We have some shop hopping to do!!!

Tomorrow I go to work, and Friday and it's my turn to work Saturday.  I really hope she finds more staff soon.  

So what is your "happy"?  I hope you find it today...and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.......

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well, another family-filled weekend has come to an end!  It was so fantastic!!!!  Love having everyone here.  We drew names for Christmas so now we look ahead!

Friday I managed to run to Okotoks for a couple of things and got a message from our security system that the power went out.  When I got home I realized this had happened:
The people laying the sod in the back hit them with something.  All I could think about was my two fridges full of food!!!  Power was restored about 3 hours later!

It was a beautiful week and weekend....we had visitors to the lake....a lot of them.  These were a few:

Son1 arrived on Saturday and I made him an angel food cake....his favorite.  I thought the candles were going to burn the house down!  Hahaha!

Here is a close-up pic of one of my grand-dogs (I have 2) and both love their grandma!!!!  Here is Leela:

Son2 loves his video games.....and found a Nintendo 64 on kijiji and met the guy in Calgary on Sunday.  So here's some pretty intense playing by our 4!

LOL. Oh they were funny........he picked up more games yesterday.  Our sons sure can grow the beards!!!!!  Son2 has decided he will not cut his hair for a year...which will be January!!!!  Ugh!  We told him he looked like a homeless man!!!!!  Does he care?  Nope!!!!!  But he sure can make a yummy perogy casserole and made this yesterday for our Thanksgiving meal.  Our neighbor Maureen wanted his recipe!!

We had an amazing meal with our neighbors who don't mind the dog/cat hair and will even do dishes!!!!  Once again I am reminded of so many, many things I am thankful for:
- a husband who is hard working and sacrifices for us by being away for two weeks at a time for work.  He's also an amazing father and husband.
- four fantastic, wonderful children whom I am so proud of!  I am thankful they live close enough to be able to come home on special occasions or whenever they want!
- fantastic neighbors and friends near and far!  What would life be without friends???  I would hate to find out!
- good own, my family's, and my friends and neighbors
- our home which is big enough to accommodate lots of family, friends and neighbors even though it doesn't really matter....we would make them fit anyway.
- having a hobby that I love and being able to do it often.....everyone needs a hobby or an interest of some kind.

Life is good.

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Little Comfort

I hadn't been feeling well.  It started on Wednesday when I had a headache that got progressively worse....then aches, nausea, boss let me off the hook from work Thursday and I did nothing.........but when we are sick, regardless of our age, we need some comforting.  Since I couldn't call my Mom (oh how I wish!!!!) I pulled out a pair of knitted socks made by my Grandmother.  Grandma Matthews was a great knitter and I still have a few pairs of socks she knit for me.  So my comfort was Grandmas socks:

I started feeling better today although Lucie told me I could stay home and fully recover.  Again I didn't do much.  I've been looking for a round table for our daily eating area.  I found one on HR Garage Sale yesterday and it was delivered today.  I love it!!

It looks great there and kind of breaks up the bowling alley of rectangle tables.....if you visited, you'd know what I mean.  :-D

They are working on laying sod around the lake (don't get me started on what a waste of money that is!!!) and I'm soooooooo hoping they've moved along far enough, we don't get as much noise tomorrow.  Someone hit the transformer box today so we were without power for a few hours 
and I hope that doesn't happen again!!

A busy weekend ahead.  I hope things go smoothly!!!!  Can't wait for everyone to get here!!!  Let the chaos begin!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood....

What a gorgeous fall day!  Sun is shining making the trees glow!

I have a whole lot of errands to do today.....must start filling up the fridge!  Yesterday was spent mostly in the sewing room.  I made another apron!

My model was already in her pjs when I asked her to take this picture!  LOL. 

But today is special because 26 years ago we had our first born child. There isn't anything more special then that.....I remember thinking there was no way I could love another human being more than I loved this baby!!!!  A mother really would do anything for her children!  I remember wanting to wake him up when he was sleeping just to be able to hold him again.  I also realized I had just turned 25 in this picture....he's older now than I was!!!!  Time sure does fly......

So Happy Birthday Son1!!!!!!!  Always remember, Mom loves you to the moon and back!!!!  <3

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Farmers Wife

No, not me!!  I belong to The Modern Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt-Along on Facebook and thankfully, Karen Walker of 'laugh yourself in stitches' blog has written instructions using modern piecing methods so that these blocks can be pieced, well, normally and NOT with templates!!!  I finished Lesson one, which consisted of 10 of the 110 blocks.
I'm using a layer cake and a fat quarter pack of two different Collections for a Cause lines.  So far so good but the blocks will become progressively more difficult....or that's what I'm thinking anyway.  

Daughter2 had her first regular season game in Lethbridge yesterday.  The weather was gorgeous so I went early and hit Chicken Feed Quilts in Coaldale and Village Quilts in Lethbridge as well as Chapters and a giftware store.  I came home with a lot of inspiration!!!!!!!  Thursday, when I worked, I bought an apron pattern and some fabric and on my road trip yesterday, bought more fabric for more aprons because the pattern seemed easy peasy!  Well, today I made an apron with the fabric from the shop and it was easy!!!  I look forward to making more aprons with my even newer fabric soon....maybe tomorrow!!!  Here's Daughter1 modeling it:
Shopping was great but not so much the game which ended 5-1 for Lethbridge.  The team has many new, young players this year so it will take some time to get them all working together.  I know they will improve with every practice and subsequent game.

Next weekend is Thanksgiving and I have to start meal planning and buying supplies!  The whole family should be home....eventually!  Son2 might have to leave Monday for back to work and Hubby will arrive Sunday. Regardless it will be a wonderful weekend!  Last market in Millarville Saturday which we will have to take in.  (They will have their Christmas one later of course.). I think we are to have beautiful weather too!!!!!!!  But a busy week ahead first!!!!  Yippee!