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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Howdy Stranger(s)!

Oh my...another long stretch of non-posting.  Sorry to my many followers!  Hahaha!!!!

Let's see.....the Olympics are over.  We did get up at 5 am on Sunday to watch the men's hockey final.

It was a long day!!  

I finished the store sample from the Little Black Dress 2

It's not perfect but I hope it's going to be good enough.  Now to get it quilted.  

I've been working on posting quite a bit on the stores Facebook page.  We've got a few more followers!!  I have some class stuff to post next.  I'm excited about a couple of new blocks of the month!!  Best get some of my current projects done!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Family Day Weekend

What a great weekend!!!!  Hubby and I went up north to spend it with friends and family.  Hubby went skidooing for two days and I even had a day of sewing with my old quilt guild!  Unfortunately I didn't have time to fit in visits with everyone I wanted to time for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our drive up was very nice....great weather, not much traffic.  Coming home was much the same but with a bit more traffic especially Red Deer and south.  But we still made great time and our girls  (2 and 4 legged) were waiting for us!!!!

I had made my dad a quilt last year and he finally got a new bed and made a headboard and is using the quilt!  On the wall is an old quilt I made my parents in 1997!!!!  Has the kids handprints!  I'd forgotten about that one.

On the way down I worked on an old embroidery project.  I finished the first block (with the snowman) and am almost finished the second.  I have to continue because I think they are so cute!!
You can see I had refreshment with the second one while we were at Dad's.  It did not affect the workmanship in any way!!!  
I had my pinwheel quilt quilted and will do the binding today (I hope) so will post a picture soon.  At the sewing day I started, and almost finished, a simple quilt top.  I want to work and finish that up soon.  
A sneak peak.  There's a row missing here and now the rows are all sewn together.  It's a Scrumptious fat quarter pack and I love that line!!!!  I love all their lines!!!!!!!!!  This will be a queen sized quilt.  It needs a border which is pieced and scrappy too.
Now there's laundry to be done!  Work tomorrow so I'd best get at it!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The weekend is over

Another weekend gone.  It was a good one.....two hockey games, a bit of sewing and embroidery.  All good.  A's team won both their games!  Woot woot!!!!!

I mentioned the "skinny pinny" swap I am in.  It's a very skinny pincushion to set by the machine.  Here is the one I made:

Then I had to think of a "little extra" to throw in and I had leftover 2.5" squares so I made a (rather large) mug mat/rug.  It's big enough to hold a cup and a couple of cookies!  

I did a little more quilting after I took this picture.  I will send it off this week with a few more little things.

Fingers crossed I can sew tomorrow!!!!  I might do this layer cake/sampler type quilt-along.  I do have a layer cake (or two) with no plans.

Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm ready for Spring!!

I am so ready for spring!  It was another nippy day here.  The sun was shining but it was still cold.  I have a hyacinth plant that is blooming and smells wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

It's right by my kitchen sink so I can enjoy the scent when I'm working in the kitchen.

Christmas cactus at one end, hyacinth on the other!!  Haha

I bought some cinnamon hearts today......yeah, I haven't had a great Curves week.  :-|

Of course I grab a few every time I walk by.  Darn, why did I even buy them??????  My neighbor and I are hoping it warms up next week so we can go on our evening walks!  Sounds like we both had a lazy week!

I joined a skinny pinny swap at I've made my skinny pincushion and will post a pic soon.  It was fun and fast and easy!  The lady I send my pincushion to lives in Philadelphia.  Her sewing room is red and aqua.  I want to add some extra goodies to the package before I send it off.   She is not the one who sends a skinny pinny to me so it will be interesting to see where it comes from!

Olympics have officially started.  I remember when I was a kid.....if you didn't watch the Olympics on tv while they were going you didn't watch tv.  Back when we had two channels!  I'm thankful for more stations now....although I will catch several events I'm sure.  Women's hockey tomorrow!!!!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Hobby

“To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real."
- Winston Churchill

Isn't that the truth!  I couldn't imagine life without my hobbies!  What did I do with my time before I was married and without kids???  I did do some crocheting but I didn't have a hobby I was passionate about....or addicted too!!!  Hahaha. Of course quilting is my number one hobby (and biggest addiction!). My plan yesterday, on my day off, was to tidy up then sew.  Nope, I cleaned, took recycling, did some banking and then got groceries.  I cooked the deep dish pizza recipe my mom had given me many, many, many years ago and made a Caesar salad to go along with it.  That was my day!  My most recent projects are the bright table runner all done and hanging in the shop as she would like me to teach it:

And my Disappearing Pinwheel quilt.  I opted out of putting pinwheels in the border and kind of like how less busy it looks. I will teach my students (if I get more than one!) how to do them though so they have that option.

Last weekend I got to visit with my best pal Kim in Calgary.  We went to watch her daughters hockey game then went out for lunch.  Kim and her hubby live up north so it was great to have the chance to spend some time with her way down here!!!!!!!!  I sure wish they lived closer!!!!!!

A had two games last weekend and both went into OT then a shoutout!!!!!!!!!!  First one they lost and the second they won!  Hard on the nerves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope that doesn't happen this weekend as she has two home games again.

Tomorrow I get to visit with Miss Morgan as I have a hair appointment!  I love our visits!!!!!!  She is going in the Priddis sale again this year and I am hoping to have stuff to send out with is on the same weekend as last year and we all know what we were doing then......not selling stuff at a craft market......but watching the water close in!!!!  I sure hope it's uneventful this year!  We are having our block party on the anniversary of the flood....June 20!  I'm sure it will be even bigger and better than last years in September!!!!!!!!!

Off to "work" today!!!!!!!!!  I get to work on a store sample using Little Black Dress 2 fabric!!  Yippee!!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

One month gone!!

Well it's February 1st!  Where did January go??  I've missed some questions of the day so here I go to catch up!!
-"My house is a home because_______". Of course because of who I share it with....Hubby and our girls and all our fur-babies!!  It's a sanctuary for me....I love being a homebody!  I find it relaxing and peaceful.  It contains my "treasures", memories so far (good and bad) and I hope they can go forward and be nothing but good and positive.  I love our neighbors, I love our neighborhood.

- "Who was the last person to tell you they loved you?"  My Hubby.  ❤️

-"What is your favorite piece of art that you own?"  I don't have much as far as art goes.  I do hang quilts...and have one hanging in our living room.  Not sure it is my "favorite".  The prints I just got from A Few of Your Favorite Things I love!  I haven't hung them yet....I need to decide where for sure.

I had made several "pieces of art" during classes with Nerissa.  They were lost in the flood.  :(

I sewed today.  Made a table runner out of fabric I bought from the store.  The middle Gerbera Daisy fabric is new.  I have it quilted since this picture and need to hand stitch the binding but it will get done tomorrow.  

Well, my sons dog was up early this morning and so was I.  Time to hit the hay!!