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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The white stuff

Sunday we had the arrival of a pretty significant amount of the white stuff.  The wind blew quite hard and it was a wet, icy kind of snow.  These pictures were taken early yesterday morning.  The day turned into a nice sunny day but it was still cold....-6C was the high.  Some has melted but it's still white out there.  We are to get plus temperatures the rest of the week so it should be gone by Halloween.

I'm not ready for winter.....mentally for sure!  
Today I MUST hit the gym.....once a week is not good enough and I need my routine back.  I still have some painting to do....4 doors/trim/casings and the trim coming up the stairs.  I ran out of paint but got some yesterday so no excuses now!  Blair's desk is to be delivered today to I will have some organizing to do.  I know one day I will look back and think "that wasn't so bad" but right now I feel it's never ending!  I do have to do some sewing today.  Amy's hockey team is having a pub night and she is donating one of my small quilts to the silent auction but the one I am donating needs binding.....and done before she leaves for practice tonight!  So after the gym that's what I will be working on!  I don't like to do bindings but it will feel nice to sit at the sewing machine!

Friday, October 25, 2013

The end of the week...what?!?!?

Well it's Friday.  Many items have been crossed off the to-do list except the big one...painting.  I am getting supplies gathered and will start tomorrow! lol. I was going to start this afternoon but Hubby came home and I had mentioned wanting to go in to Ikea so he is willing to be my chauffeur.  He needs to find a gun repair place and thinks he knows where one is at.  All his guns were in his gun the the water.  :-(. Anyway, I'm excited to hit Ikea.....I hope I find things I need.  ;o)

The other day I received my most favorite quilt I love almost every project published in this one.

One day.....I'll add to my to-do list!  I love wool and I love combining it with cotton in projects although I haven't done any yet.  Tee hee.  Soon!

Yesterday was shopping and a Costco run.  While up north last weekend some quilty friends told me about a snack food they found at Costco...I think they called it "crack"!!  I found it and bought a couple of bags.......YUMMO!!!!!!!  Not what I needed....another junk food I love!

After snacking on half the bag I knew supper had to be relatively healthy and S requested stir fry so stir fry it was.

Love how easy it is to make and it's a family favorite!!!!!

Well I'm off to Ikea!!!!!!!!!  Woot woot!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


No not the snowman...yet!  It's a frosty day here in High River.  We have been having beautiful warm sunny days and today is to be full of sunshine too.  But winter is coming week is Halloween already!!!!!!!!!  What this change of weather makes me want to do is bake (although I seem to only be collecting recipes off of Pinterest!), make a Christmas list, organize and sew (again seems to be just a thought and a collection of projects!).  What is doesn't make me feel like doing is going to the gym and making/following my Curves meal plans!!!!!!!!!!  I need to be organized.  Right now I don't feel organized.  I like to follow a schedule and if I'm not organized it doesn't happen.  I'm feeling overwhelmed....I have painting to do (trim, doors, casings) and decorating to do so our new basement feels comfortable. I have an extra dog here right now (and her owner!!!) so that's extra dog hair, etc.  I feel like I'm on a roller coaster that won't stop!!  :). It's been a long time since I've had a full day with the house to myself....I'm ready to scream!
I cleaned most of the house yesterday and this morning the floors could be done again.  I know, lower my standards but really they aren't that high!  I need to clean the upstairs today then I'm going shopping!!!!  House stuff but shopping nonetheless!!  Tomorrow I WILL paint and maybe by next week I will be ready and organized and back on schedule!!!!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

Middle of last week, Hubby and I went up north to our old hometown. He had a few days of work and my guild had their annual quilt show.  I didn't enter any quilts.....I wasn't organized enough and we left for home Sunday morning so I wouldn't have been around to pick them up when the show was over.  I missed the show last year so I was excited to go this year.

I didn't buy much at the vendors but the guild had mugs they were selling.  Here's my coffee this morning:

On our way home we stopped in Bowden of all places to eat at a diner that caught our eye on the way up.  It was a very cool place and had good food!!

It's nice to be away but even better to come home!!!!!!!!  I went with Hubby to go look at a job this afternoon and our view was amazing.  The pictures were taken only with my cell phone in a bouncy truck but I couldn't resist!!!  I love the beauty that surrounds us here.  :-)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Poor Kitties

Home from the vet as "its". Jax and Mia.....they'll be as good as new tomorrow.  Sleep tight my babies!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Thanksgiving 2013. The kids were all here...well, for part of the weekend.  Amy had hockey out of town Saturday and Sunday and S made plans for Saturday......our meal was Saturday and B&J had plans for tonight back home.  It worked out fine,,,weird but fine.

Saturday our furniture arrived for the basement...well, most of it.  Still missing a mattress set and ottoman.  Needs a ton of decorating.......but it's progress!

I received my birthday present from son#2.  On my birthday he asked me to call the quilt shop in Moose Jaw and he would go and choose from my list.  Well, the stinker bought everything on my list...three kits and a fat quarter pack!!!!!!  No wonder the ladies working there said he was the best son ever!!!!  My family spoiled me this year......very much!  Now I'm itching to sew!!!!!!!!  

Friday, October 11, 2013

What?????? S**W???

Good snowy morning!!!!!!!  Last night it was snowing...and blowing.  Wet stuff as per the norm for this time of the year.  It's still a little white out there this morning.  It won't last thank goodness!!!

See, not much!!

I have a busy day ahead as both sons will be here today.  House cleaning, dog washing......we had rescued our tv from the basement before the flood but I cannot find the power cord!  I sure hope I can buy one somewhere!!!!!!!!!!  If not, a tv will be added to contents lost I guess.  :(. Telus is coming today to get the two jacks downstairs working.  We need a tv for the family room!!!!!

The Flames game the other night was GREAT (for me, a Flames fan!!).  Flames 3- Habs 2.  My daughter took this pic at the beginning of the game.....they must have had a premonition about what was to come based on their expressions!!!!  Lol!

It was fun but I wouldn't want to do it all the time.  The guys behind us yapped the whole game, people needing out of the aisle all game, no arm room, crazy crowds after the game, nutso traffic!!!  It's more comfortable watching at home!!  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I've been MIA and I wish I could say it was because I was busy painting!  But I haven't.....I haven't been feeling very well although tonight I do feel a bit better so whoo hoo!  I've got a ton of things to do!!  Tomorrow little Pixie goes in for her booster and I have to get back to the gym...I missed today. Everyone will be back to work/school tomorrow so the house will be all mine!  I need to haul stuff out of the garage into the basement since Hubby put up shelves in our basement storage room.  There is decor stuff, well, stuffed everywhere upstairs!  I'll put it all together on the shelves downstairs. Tomorrow is also the Flames/Canadiens game Amy, Hubby and I have tickets for!!!!!!  Go Flames!!!!  (I will be out numbered...the other two are Canadiens fans!) Thursday is the gym (and coach meeting) and then a hair appointment.  I love visiting with Miss Morgan and I also love her scalp massages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm feeling more relaxed just thinking about it!!!!!!  Jaret SHOULD be home for Thanksgiving, Brandyn (who turned 25 yesterday!) and Jenna are coming for the weekend too.  Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Friday Telus is coming to re-hook up our tvs downstairs and it will be cleaning day.  Saturday our furniture is being delivered!!!!!!!!  YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  We still need our plumber back to install the shower door and hook up the shower. I hope he can do that this week too.  (Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!). Soooo looks like painting will be done next week.

I'm also getting the urge to sew!  Soon......................

Today we had to stop into Costco....for the shelving we used in the storage room.  It was busy...likely because of Thanksgiving.  Anyway on our way to the till they had bunches of flowers on for $15.99.  I couldn't resist!!!!!

My "Happy" of the day!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thread storage

This past weekend my Dad, Jenna and I went to a vintage market.  One of my purchases was a card file box.  (I think that's what it's called).  I liked it but had to have a purpose for it.  I was on the lookout for something to store my thread in.  A light bulb went off over my head...the card file box!!!!  It has four drawers, a spot for a label on the front of each drawer and it works perfectly...and looks nice too.

Our carpenter finished the trim today!!!!!!  Now I have painting to do....all the doors need to be painted and the nail holes on the trim, window casing and, will it ever end??  Lol. My house is a mess on all levels.....but I'll plug away and "get 'er done"!!  Hopefully before the furniture arrives which could be soon!!  I will busy the next few days.  Progress!!!!!!!!