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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stayed Home and Painters

I stayed home all day today!!  :). My intent was to sew all day on my POF Mystery quilt but the painters showed up...woooo hoooo.  I worked at getting the mess from the tuck tape off the wall and ceiling upstairs where we taped off the stairway to the basement.  I'll make sure tuck tape (nor duck tape!) is never used on the wall again!  What a mess!!!!  Then I baked some banana pineapple muffins....they were okay...not great but they used up some old bananas I had.  And then I sewed.  Our painter/dry waller is a super nice guy but he smokes.  His girlfriend helps him paint and she smokes......they chain smoke!!!!!  They didn't smoke in the basement but I think they smoked right outside the open door.  I could smell it up two levels in my sewing room!!!!!!  After a few hours I wasn't feeling the best.  I know, I should have told them to move further from the house but I am so happy the painting is getting done!!!!!!!!  They won't be here much longer.....I'd say two more days.  I think he said he needs to do three coats.  They did more sanding and put the first coat on today.  I'm loving the colors!!!  They don't look much different right now but I'm hoping once all three coats are on you will be able to tell Amy's room is a bit darker.

Family room:

Amy's room:

I'm going with white trim down there...eventually!!  I can't wait!

I did keep sewing today.  Step 9 is done and I've started step 10.  Once the blocks are made (step 9 and 10) I can lay it out and sew the rows together.  I hope it turns out alright!  I'm ready for this one to be done!!!!!!!  Here's hoping I make more progress tomorrow!

I Sewed Today!!!!

Yep, I sewed today!!!!  Wasn't until after supper but I continued work on my POF Mystery quilt that should have been done already!!!  The new Cracked Pots one starts on Sunday!!!!!  I just finished Step 8 of 12.....I still have some work to do!!  But it sure felt great and my ironing board and cutting table worked perfectly!  This quilt involves a lot of chain piecing.  I saw this gadget at our local quilt shop some time ago and thought it would be a gadget I'd never use so I didn't buy it.  While at the Red Deer quilt show, a vendor had them in her booth on sale and well, being caught up in the buying frenzy at a quilt show (I'm not the only one who does that right???) I bought it.....and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!  The Cutting Gizmo!!  It stays by my machine always!

This morning I found a picture on google of the flooring I had picked out yesterday.  Candice Olson used it in a bedroom she remodeled.  I quickly sent the link off to my friends...and as soon as I did that, the phone rang and it was the flooring people saying that flooring wasn't available until the first week in October!!!!  So off I went to pick out something different.  I really liked what I had picked out....I had my vision of furniture, etc remember???  I think I like what I picked out today better!!!  Sorry for the paint swatches on the sample.  My colors are third on the left and fourth on the right!

I took pictures of the bathroom tile but they basically look white in the pictures but they do have texture and some lines.  The flooring guy thinks he can put the tile in sooner than the vinyl flooring but he says that will likely be somewhere around the 10th to 18th of September.  No painters AGAIN today!!!  I sure hope he is okay!!!!!!!!!  He had said he would be done tomorrow....but there's only primer on the walls.  I think the ceiling is done.

I guess we will see if he shows up tomorrow.

Guess that's the scoop for the day...more sewing tomorrow!  I'm going to try and go no where!!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Day

It's after supper so I consider myself having survived the day.  There were tears on and off and will likely be at least one more session before bed.  But that's okay.  :). My Mom is deserving of the tears.

I went in to Okotoks and picked out flooring.  The lady there was so helpful and it took minutes!!!  I showed her my paint colors and she knew exactly what I needed!  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures while there!  That's how fast it happened!!!!!!!  Hahaha. Now I know what I need to find for furniture and vanity.....I have a vision!  Yay!!  No painters today.  Not sure why.  I'm sure they will be here tomorrow.  Then I hope the flooring works and is within our quote, can arrive soon and be installed!  I can't wait to see it in with the paint colors.  I'm going with white trim down there.....I hope that works too.(and we find a carpenter to do it)

The big pump came off the lake today.  It looks weird....I hope it means clean up is going to start soon.  They flew around with the lawnmower too.

Flowers I bought myself today....for my "happy".  They look like fall flowers but I thought they were pretty:

Tomorrow is a new day.....


I guess it's not Mothers Day.....but I love the sentiment of this picture.  I miss my Mom every day...every-single-day.  I imagine I will miss her forever.  She was a huge part of my life, not just as a mother but as a best friend.  Today marks the second anniversary of her passing.  Thankful she is no longer in pain but missing her with all my heart.  I love you Mom  <3  <3

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quilty Comforts

When you are a quilter having the right equipment and tools are just as important as if you were a carpenter, painter, etc.  Equipment not only includes a sewing machine and such but also furniture....cutting tables, ironing boards....and the proper height of these pieces saves on a quilters back.  My cutting table and ironing mat were not the right heights.  I'm not a tall person but even these were too short for me.  I've looked for a table to use for my cutting mat that was the correct height and width as the plastic folding table I was using was not.  Finally I just got Hubby to help me make what I was using work.  He raised the height by adding conduit to the legs:

The table top was not the right width for my mat so we went to Home Depot and found a nice piece of wood in a pile that was miss-cut and they were going to throw out!!!  It was the perfect size and we got it for FREE!!  Got it home and attached it to the plastic table top with just Velcro command strips!

But it wasn't very pretty.....handy, the correct size but a person didn't have to know we rigged up a plastic folding table so I got out my bolt of burlap and got to work, measuring, hemming then stapling and here she is:

I would like to find some ribbon or something to put around the top...I had nothing that I thought looked right so I will be on the lookout in the future.

So now the ironing mat.  I was using my old sewing cabinet for my pressing was way too low and not near big enough.  I had bought a pattern for an ironing board the top is a nice big rectangle but you can use the ironing board which is the perfect height and adjustable.  So my handy Dad made one and brought it down when he came for Amy's grad.

And now all covered up and ready to go:

Now I have no excuse why I can't sew, press, and cut all day long!!

August is Almost Over

Wowzers....where did this month go???????  Where did the summer go?????  I was texting a friend the other day and she asked me if we went anywhere this summer.  I laughed and said "yes, we spent two weeks at the Lazy J Motel in Claresholm then at the "lake" in High River!"  I guess that's where summer has gone.  I laughed again this morning when I heard sawing and nailing being done over at a neighbors.  When we looked at houses and neighborhoods in High River in July 2012, we specifically wanted a move-in ready house we didn't have to do anything to as we had done enough renovations in our old house and a older, established community as we didn't want to live in a construction zone!  Well, we have to laugh at ourselves now!!!!!!!!!!  Both things we didn't want have come true.  But the sounds of construction are good sounds considering the situation.  It's means re-building and a road back to normalcy.  It's happy noises in my opinion.  It means our neighborhood is alive and will be back to the way it was one day....and the quiet will return.

Our drywall is done and the painting will be complete on Saturday.  Tomorrow I go and pick out flooring and tile for the bathroom.  I'm hoping our windows and door are almost here and then the bigger things will be complete.  Furnace and water softener will be installed next week.  One step at a time.......

One of the things I miss about our old place up north was whenever it rained and the sun came out, we always saw the rainbows.  This past weekend we were driving into Okotoks and this is what we saw:

Not just one rainbow but a double FULL rainbow!  I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing with my cell phone.  I love rainbows!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Graduation & Family

Thursday (August 22) was Amy's graduation...finally.  It was a beautiful day and all of our children were here along with my Dad. 

Here she is at the gown ceremony listening to Premier Allison Redford.  We had every news station there filming this and because she was behind the speakers podium, she was on the news!

Our family:
                                                       Back at home on the front step

The grandkids with Grandpa:
Our beautiful grad:

Jenna took and edited the photos.  She did an awesome job especially with some of our family not being very photogenic.  Morgan Nesom did Amy's hair and it turned out perfect and held all day long!!  It was a nice, very special day.

This morning Brandyn and Jenna left (Dad and Jaret left yesterday) and Blair and I went off to the Millarville Farmers Market.  Amy and her friend Kendra left for Kamloops, BC then Seattle, Washington for the week.  A big adventure for the highschool graduate.  I pray they stay safe.


Sunday, August 18, 2013


We had to go to the "mall" today as we realized Hubby didn't really have anything to wear to Amy's grad which is this Thursday.  The girls came with us (of course!) and once we found B an outfit, he sat and we continued to shop.  I'm sure it was a long day for him....but he survived and we got what we needed.

I had mentioned that I painted a picture for my friend in High Prairie.  When Hubby came home from HP he brought a little bag I recognized from A Few of Your Favorite Things....a GREAT store!!!!!  And inside the bag there were some yummy smelling things and a sewing machine ornament, that went up to my sewing room!!

Thank you Erica!!

The week will be spent getting ready for company.  We will have a house full by Wednesday!  Can't wait for all the kids to be here and my Dad too!  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

1st Year Anniversary

One year ago today we got possession of our home here in High River.  I cannot for the life of me find a before picture....and I know I had several but here is one taken, obviously last winter.  We had replaced the siding and added the stone work.
Up until June 20, 2013 it was a wonderful year!!!!!   We started off having the most amazing fall! 

Then a winter much more mild and shorter than we are used to.
Our first Christmas here:
We installed flooring in the basement:

And everything was great until......June 20, 2013
(June 20...the start of the water coming into the lake)
(slowly creepy up to our did come about 5' inside the fence and held it's own....until the water came from the front!)
(the front yard the next morning June did get higher before we left and covered the garden)

(looking out our main floor windows the next morning June 21)

(our side yard the next morning June 21)
But we are onto recovery and by this time next year you won't even know our town had a major flood!!!!  Yes, I AM being optimistic and I hope most of the other residents are too.
I know things will improve 300% ...they can only get better and move forward. 
So "Happy Anniversary" Home!!!!  Here's to many more uneventful years to come!



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A HOT Hump Day!

It was a warm one today!!!  Blinds closed, windows they are all open to get the breeze and hopefully cool the house off overnight!

I did a painting today for a friend (she has also requested one for her daughter). I hope they like them when they see them in person.
I haven't made the other one yet.

The lady from Disaster Relief came by today.  She was more a form-fill-er-in-er.  Who knows what will come of it...........

When we had evacuated to Claresholm there was a very nice print at one of the drug stores....yeah the drugstore!  I couldn't stop thinking about it and pressed my luck and drove there today to see if they still had it.  They DID!!!!  It's hanging in our dining room right now and I LOVE it!  The manager gave me 20% off because I was in High River and was flooded....what a sweet thing to do!!!!  Here it is:

The drywaller was here today.  Still not completely done hanging all the dry wall but here's a pic of the progress:

I stopped at the candy store in Nanton on my way to Claresholm and ate too much candy.  When I got home I knew a salad was in order for supper.  Lorie had brought me fresh lettuce and cucumbers when she picked me up to go to Sharon's so I used those in my salad.....YUMMO!

So that was my day.......yard work tomorrow if I don't roast up!!

Feels like a Fall Morning

Feels cool this morning.  That's not a bad thing as its been warm/hot and humid during the day so having it cooler through the night makes the house bearable.  There was a lot of dew on the grass this morning when I let the dogs's the middle of August.  :-(

The other night I met two quilters. Lorie lives around Strathmore and is part of the Plenty of Fish Mystery Quilt group on Facebook.  Sharon lives here in HR and lost her quilting stuff in the flood.  Lorie picked me up to take me to Sharon's and it was our first meeting although Lorie and Sharon had met once before.  What a fun night!  Quilters always seem like friends forever.  We could have talked all night but Sharon had work the next day.  As it was, I didn't get back home until after 11:30 pm.  I took Sharon a kit I'd bought for her while in Montana.  Lorie delivered a parcel from some gals in and around Valleyview, close to my hometown!  What Lori and I came home with was a cool "mug hug" made by Sharon!!!  Here's mine:
LOVE how she used the eyelets and the ribbon!!!!!!!  The inside fabric reminds me of her.  Her house is so cool with animal prints some bold color and even some antique pieces here and there!!!!
Here is a pic of the three of us:

I did a little shopping in Okotoks yesterday and went to a couple of my favorite stores.  At one, I found this tin sign for the guest room.  I thought it was pretty appropriate considering how the past two months have been!

Season premier of Duck Dynasty tonight!!!!!!!  Here's what I started reading last night!
I have the other book too.  Gotta love those guys!!!!!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Alone Time

Alone time does not exist in this house because of:
Pixie (on floor), Zoey (dacshund) and Phoebe (chihuahua...a much bigger one then Pixie!!)

Missing is old Daisy (shih tzu)....she's likely getting some zzzzz's in peace and quiet! 

I forgot to show the teapot I bought at the Millarville Farmers Market last's a big one...she said about 9 cups...and for only $45!!

Love the extra handle on the top....she said it makes it much easier to lift and pour!  I LOVE pottery!!!!!!


A New Week

Monday, Monday.....I feel like I've been flitting around and not accomplishing anything.  I did take the recycling and got a few groceries this morning....and talked myself out of the gym.  :(. I blame the weather....cloudy, then thunder, then rain. It's seems brighter now but I do not see the sun.

A good sewing day but I tidied up and put my Montana purchases away....squished and squeezed into my cupboard!  I needed to add absolutely nothing to my already bursting-at-the-seams wardrobe cupboard!!!!  Anyway, here are some pictures of most of my buys:

I know there are some things missing.  A couple were posted in a previous post.  Too much stuff!!  I have an illness!  Hahaha

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Trade

Well, things are almost back to normal after my vacation.  Yesterday I cleaned and did some laundry.  I am finishing up the laundry today and got some groceries so I can get back to cooking planned meals for my family.  The sun is currently shining, although this morning was drab and dreary.  It's actually very hot out there.  Not sure what the neighbors are having done in their house/basement but it's NOISY!!  Hope it's only a one day thing!  :o)

                              Remember the dresser I got from a friend for the guest room?
Well, she is kind enough to trade me for a quilt I made awhile ago. 
I love the fabric line and the quilt was fun to make...but one can only have so many quilts kicking around and this one was kept in a bag unused....until now!  I know it's going to a good home and will take it to her daughter when I get my hair done tomorrow.  Didn't my friend Marla do a great job quilting it??
Our drywall is to arrive today and will be started tomorrow apparently.  Woot Woot!  Progress!!!!!  Gotta love that!  I must get busy finding a bathroom vanity and cupboard and sink and counter top....and check on the flooring.....and hope the windows and door will be in before the end of the month or shortly thereafter......I know we will have normal one of these days.
Our cats are going a bit crazy and I'm thinking it would be nice to have a cat run for outside.......hmmmm might have to investigate a plan.  I can't just throw them outside!!!!!  (even when I'm tempted!!)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The End.....

We head for home tomorrow morning.  My trip will be short compared to my friends'.  I am ready for home but not reality!  LOL!  It's been a great trip!

Today was the Eureka Quilt Show.  In the nine years they have held it, it's never rained....until today. Initially they were going to move it to the Highschool but there was a mix up with the booking so they braved the rain and held it outside as per usual.  I didn't pack a jacket, or a hoodie or a warm when we got there I bought a pullover that kept me warm enough.  The quilts were covered in plastic which made it difficult to see them in all their glory.  But later on the sun came out and it warmed up and some of the plastic was removed off of some of the quilts.  The vendors were likely soggy and cold.  I'm sure a warm shower was a welcome thing tonight!  I will post photos at the end of this post.

I finished another top today.  Man, oh man it gave me troubles and I still see an error when I look at this picture.  I might leave it.........

Montana Trip 2013 was a blast!!!  Now to get sewing all the projects I bought!!!!!!!  

My traveling partners braving the weather to shop the vendors booths!

This was made from flannel!