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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas!

The Fireplace channel is on the air!!  You know that's a sign Christmas is coming!!  I have done some Christmas decorating but the trees aren't up yet.  I have the radio station on that plays Christmas music all day....I am almost done my shopping but need to do my wrapping (yuck) and check my list again!  

Here is one of my winter volunteer jobs!  I play music and do the score sheet for Daughter2's hockey games.....this game didn't end well for her....lets just say we won't have to go to the teams game this coming weekend!  She needs to suppress her frustration with the officiating!  I think it must be Dad spent some time in the penalty box in his day!! 

This was my view this morning.....we have no snow (but we are expecting some and it is now clouding over) but it was -12C this morning and this is beautiful!  Of course the frost is now gone...but it was nice while it lasted.

Son1, Son2, Jenna and Jude are coming down this weekend!  Whoooo hooooo Grandson cuddles!!!!  Our town has it's BIG Santa Claus parade on Friday so he is coming for that.  It will be a fun weekend!

Then my consult appointment on Monday where I will finally find out what is next....maybe, just maybe I can plan my life....especially on the work front!  Fingers crossed!!!!

Last day today that our house is on the market....ONE viewing in 90 days!  We will try again in the new year.  Maybe then things will be better on the realty front.....who knows.  
What is meant to happen will.

Oh I see some tiny flakes coming down!!  Not that I want snow.......tee hee!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Beauty, Babies, and Taking Care of Business!

We have been having some beautiful sunrises.  This was one from a couple of days ago.  As usual, the picture does not do it justice!!

Baby Lyla having a funny hair day!  LOL  Her and her mommy have found their own place and will be moved out by tomorrow.  I have mixed feelings.....I am happy they are still going to be living in our town!

The big boy Jude already 4 months old!  I am hoping to get to see this little munchkin and give him cuddles in a couple/three weeks!

We will be celebrating our fifth Christmas here and have never put up lights.  I caught Hubby at the right moment and we went and bought some and put them up....on November 12th and it was so warm Hubby wore shorts!  We didn't do a lot but it will add to the festive feeling this year!

Today I finished the second stocking....they are all set to be filled!  Not perfect but made with love from Grandma.  :) 

Health update:  My lymph nodes are cancer free!!!  YaHoO!!  My surgeon even implied that maybe I won't need radiation.....but now I am a patient of the cancer clinic and have an appointment on December 5th to meet with the "cancer Doctor".  I was told it was for a consultation and it will be 1 to 2 hours long!  Please send prayers/positive thoughts....I am hoping my surgeon is right!  

Friday, October 28, 2016


I have amazing friends...I really do!  I'm posting this not because I need my friends to buy me things or make me things but man, oh man do I ever appreciate it all!!!!  We all lead busy lives so anytime someone makes the time to do something special it means so much.  

My friend Peggy lives in Exeter, Ontario and sent me my favourite chocolates made right there.  I swear I could smell them before I even opened the package!!!

My friend Sue made me this cuddle quilt.....she did some of the blocks on her new embroidery machine........this picture does not do this quilt's on my lap as I type!  

My friend and neighbour Deb made us supper for tonight....sheppards pie, biscuits and salad.  YUMMMO!

Complete with dessert.....this delicious, still warm lemon meringue pie!!!  (and cookies that I haven't had room to try yet!)

My neighbour Maureen brought me flowers....this isn't a great picture of them either.....they are very colourful!

My heart is full..............amazing!  This is in addition to all the text messages and messages from feels so nice to know people care.  :o)  <3

Start to Finish?????




 Surgeon's visit


 Needle Localization


After surgery

Everything went well......I slept most of yesterday afternoon/evening.  A bit sleepy today but not bad....I haven't taken much for pain killers today even though the boob is getting a bit stiff and sore but not bad.  I have to remember to take it easy for a bit.  So that part is to wait to hear the results of the lymph node biopsy on November 9th.....fingers crossed!...and see when radiation will start.  Waiting...........

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Finish, Some Mountains and a Cutie

I've been working on this project for a few years even though it's very's flannel (dog hair magnet) and I had the squares sewn together ages ago!  But I wanted to hand stitch the appliqué so that is what took me awhile......I'd stitch some and it would sit.  I was tired of having it hang around and I was close to being finished so I got it done!  (quilting is still needed)  None of the squares line hard is that Jane????  Well, it's done and the kit was a gift from Son2 one year for my birthday (He was working near Moosejaw, Sask and went to The Quilt is one of their patterns).  I did finish another even older UFO but haven't taken a picture of it yet....a project started in 2010!  That will be saved for my next post.

I do love our view on a clear day....spring, summer, fall or winter.  Here was our view the other day......look at the snow on those mountains.  

Then there is this little cutie.....that giraffe was his Daddy's....a gift from his grandma so Jude's great grandma.....the perfect size to grab, hold and chew on!  I'm glad I kept things like that.  :o)

Surgery is this week.............the countdown is on!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hockey Season

Daughter2 has started her new hockey season with the Junior Women's league in Calgary.  Their home opener was last weekend and as usual I helped in the box playing music and doing the scoresheet.  Another parent worked the clock but we had no one help in the penalty boxes.  It was Thanksgiving weekend and my Dad was down.....seeing as though he was very accustom and comfortable being in the penalty box as a player, I thought he might like to help out! :oP  Here he is chatting it up with none other than his granddaughter who came to visit him twice!  hahaha!!!  It was a good game and her team came out with the win!  

Quiet weekend this home hockey games so we (as parents) had the weekend off!  But Hubby did something to his back so was laid up all weekend.  :o(  It was a bit better today so hopefully it will be 100% soon as he isn't one to be hurt or sick.  Thankfully there was no where we had to go or anything we had to get done so he could just rest.

I had a call with more details about what I can expect during my surgery and beyond.  Radiation will not happen right away....first we wait (there's that "w" word!) for the results of my lymph node biopsy which will take place during surgery.  IF the cancer has spread, I will undergo chemotherapy first, but I am very hopeful that will not be the case, apparently because of the type of cancer I have it is unlikely.  Radiation starts 6 - 8 weeks after surgery.  A long and drawn out process.  *sigh*  Daughter1 asked if I was nervous today........I told her I wasn't.....and mostly I'm not.  I just really want it all over.  I told my neighbour gals this weekend too....I know they will be there for me if I need them.  

Today I finished some Christmas gifts for some friends, just part of their gifts that I was pics so I don't ruin the surprise.  They aren't much but it's nice to have something homemade, isn't it?  Because of this situation of mine, I'd like to get a head start..........I do have more crafting/stitching and shopping on the list!  Yikes!

"Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out."

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall....or Autumn

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone.  We had all the kids and grand babies home....and that white stuff that I wanted to stay away....didn't!  It arrived on Friday and hasn't left yet.  We are to get warmer temperatures by the end of the week.....I sure hope so!  In the meantime, these four legged family members were staying warm by the fire one morning.  When I saw them all on the one dog bed lined up like this I couldn't help but take a picture!  LOL  Grand dog Gordon is on the far left.....he's the shedding one!

Here's a pic of the white stuff when it arrived on Friday.  Everyone made it here safe and sound!  The roads were a bit scary so Son1, Jenna and Jude came on Saturday morning.

Hubby made me a quilt ladder last weekend.  It's not in this location right now and has more quilts on it but I've always wanted one!  With a crawling granddaughter we will see if it stays on the main floor where she moves around a lot as I can see it crashing on her head!

And speaking of the crawling granddaughter!  Here she is swinging!  hahaha  Really, she is having fun!  She can look so serious at times!

And then there's this little guy!!!!!  Full of smiles!  Oh they will be fun at Christmas!!!  

Being a grandparent is amazing and I love these two munchkins with all my heart!!

Update on my surgery:  I get my mapping done on October 26th then surgery on the 27th.  I'm not sure when I start but I will have three weeks of daily radiation afterwards.  It will be a bit of a pain as I have to travel to north Calgary to have hour drive each way.  I'm sure the time will go by quickly, I pray the weather will cooperate and I will be 100% soon, all in time for Christmas!